Why hasn’t Satta Matka’s ban been lifted yet?

The Public Gambling Act became law in 1867. However, Satta Matka, a Gambling game that developed in India around the early years of its Independence from Britishers, fell into the purview of the Public Gambling Act of 1867 in the year 1976. However, it has been 45 years since the time when Satta Matka fell into the purview of the act, but the game isn’t going to come out of the purview of the gambling act any time soon. 

There are many socio-political reasons on which the ban was never lifted, and most of them are debatable. Some of these reasons are:

  • The government generally sees satta matka and gambling as a political issue that can be easily exploited. With the vested interest of earning revenue from people’s hard-earned money without making any significant return to the players, lifting the ban could be criticized as a morally incompetent decision.
  • Matka gambling is considered a threat to social construction in India, leading to addictions and the collapse of homes and affecting the overall well being of the country’s residents. Women and children suffer the most from consequences such as substance abuse and domestic violence.
  • In addition to violating general ethical guidelines, matka gambling can lead to an increase in organized financial crimes and money laundering issues. After all, in a vast country like India with a huge population, it is difficult to establish a proper structure to regulate such gambling activities and prevent the crime that occurs as a result.

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