How Did “Psychologically Oppressed” Traditional Kutchi Housewife Jaya Bhagat Become the First Known Matka Queen of The Matka World?

The Crime investigating department that witnessed Jaya Bhagat’s interrogation during the investigation to solve the murder mystery of her husband, Suresh Bhagat, claimed that she detailed several incidents of psychological abuse by family members, including death threats.

But, then one must give a piece of his mind to the thought then How a “mentally and emotionally repressed and ethically licentious, traditional Kutchi housewife” amassed 70% of a Kalyan panel matka enterprise valued hundreds of crores. Moreover, you should also know that, at present, she supposedly commands the matka business of the Kalyan panel even from the Police custody. Her brothers — Deepak Chheda and Kiran Chheda, aid her in managing the business of the matka of Kalyan panel.

Disclaimer:  All of the material provided on this page is intended to familiarise you with the world of Satta matka gaming. Satta Matka gambling is illegal under the Public Gambling Act of 1867. As a result, exercise caution before getting engaged in the Satta matka gaming business. 

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