Grasp the Concept of Single Patti Bet of Kalyan Panel in Crystal Clear Light

At a Satta game of the Kalyan panel, a single Patti/Panna is a draw where the drawn set of 3 cards has no repeated card values. For example, A draw of 3,4, 5 is an example of a single Patti.

How Bets Are Placed On Single Patti Betting Option Of Kalyan Panel?

In this betting type of the Kalyan Panel, every single Patti is part of a set of 12 Single Pattis in which:

No number is repeated in each single Patti

The sum of all the digits in a Patti is either a particular number between 0 and 9 or ends in a number whose last digit is between 0 and 9.

For example, in the table given below, the sum of all the digits of each single Patti in a row that is dedicated to a single number is 0 is either 0 or ends in a number whose last digit is 0. Moreover, all the digit of every single Patti present in the rows of the given table is unique and does not repeat themselves in the single Patti.

This table is used by almost every professional gambler of the Kalyan panel while they place bet on the single patti of their choice in the Kalyan panel chart.



Understand the Betting Value Calculation the Single Patti Bet of the Kalyan Panel

If you wish to bet ten dollars on a single Patti 345, you must also bet ten dollars on the remaining 11 single Patti that falls in the set of single pattis whose single number equals two. The rule for the Kalyan panel single Patti bet has been made this way so that every player gets as many chances that is possible to increase his chances to hit the bull’s eye is the Kalyan panel’s game of Matka.

What Is The Payout Rate Of Single Patti Bet?

The payoff rate is 150 times the amount you wager on a single Patti of your choice. So, if you bet $10 on the single patti/panna of your choosing, you will win $1500 if your single Patti forms in the Kalyan panel Matka game’s draw.

However, there is a catch. In reality, things don’t work out that way. In this situation, the actual payoff would be roughly 12.5 times your actual wager.

Let’s make it clear with an example.

In a Matka game, you place a bet of ₹10 on a single Patti that is “345”. The total sum of the paana would be 12 and the single number which would come out is 2. Now there are 11 other single pattis that correspond to the single number 2. So, you would have to place a bet of ₹10 on the rest of 11 pattis too. Now, your total bet on 345 would sum up to ₹120.

If any of the single patti out of all twelve single pattis that correspond to single number 2 come up in your chosen draw, then you will win the satta of the Kalyan panel on that drawn single patti and will take ₹1500 home.

The formula isn’t deceptive; it’s done this way to improve your odds of winning a single patti bet. If you perform the math to see how many single pattis you can make using the numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 9, you’ll discover that there are 648 such combinations, and your single patti is one of them.

That is why you should understand that though the way of playing single patti bet raises your betting value, it also enhances your chances of winning the matka in this betting option.

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